Hershey Park



Photo by Hershey Park

Hello, so as you can tell the place I went to was Hershey Park. It was amazing, there was SO much to do. When we first got there it was late and we went to bed. The hotel I went to had very comfortable beds and the room was very nice. When we woke up in the morning we went a really nice buffet. The food was amazing and after that we immediately¬†head to the park. Me and my older sister went with each other and my dad went with my little sister. I loved all of the rides and some were really scary. I didn’t want to go on some of them but my sister made me. I was pretty happy she did because I was going to miss out. The scariest ride would be sky rush. It was crazy, we went in the air really high and it felt as if I were flying. After a few rides me and my sister got a snack. It was AMAZING!!! We got Dipping Dots and is was delicious. Later we met up with my dad and saw a really cool concert. It got late and we head back to the room, we went a place called Rockies and it was the best food I had every tried. It got late and we went to sleep instantly. The next day was our last day, it was really weird. Normally my family went on really long vacations but it was only a get away weekend. My dad wanted us to learn a little bit about Hershey park history. We went on a really long tour and we learned all about our how Milton Hershey invented Hershey Park and how much he loved chocolate. We got to sample a bunch of chocolates, some were really bitter but some were the sweetest things I had ever tried. I felt really bad leaving Pennsylvania but I knew that it was time to leave. When I got home I knew I would treasure Milton Hershey more than ever. This was a very short blog story, hopefully the more blogs I write the better of a writer I will be. I hope that after reading this you will request Hershey Park as your next vacation.